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Looking for a new YOU? Feeling overwhelmed?  Stuck?  Are you ready to step out of the pool of fear, and take massive action towards a new future?    More today than ever before, THIS course is NECESSARY for anyone who wants to let the past go and move toward a fantastic future!

RESET allows you to look at where you are now and reset for a better future: fears, limiting beliefs, values do not serve you in moving forward with your life.

REINVENT is where the magic happens.  After clearing your barriers you are free to create a new YOU.  It is a time to wade into who you are, what you want and create a solid foundation on which to build a life of fulfillment.

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  • July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Aug 5th
  • Thursdays @ 5pm Pacific
  • Zoom & Online Lessons
  • Cost : $150
  • Instructor: Yvonne Ramage


Are you ready to reinvent yourself, your business or your career, but dont know where to start?  This course is perfect for you.

RESET-REINVENT for Success is a 45 day program, with 6 group weekly Zoom sessions. We go through each step using proven techniques and exercises that ILLUMINATE the new you!  Feel the freedom to be who you know you have always been!   Each day has a video or daily activity to bring clarity in what holds you back and the focus on the future you want to create.  This course is science-backed with action steps, tools and activities to help you discover your path.

Week 1:  Investigate Tools that help you find ...where are you now, what do you want, what motivates you.

Week 2:  Clear the limiting beliefs and values that do not serve your new purpose.

Week 3:  Focus Forward:  Tools that help you find your integrity, clarity, vision, and to lean into the margins of your comfort, rather discomfort.

Week 4:  Create and Magnetize - who will you become? What opportunities will come to you? Follow a step-by-step program to creating that new you.

The instructor, Yvonne Ramage, is a master at reinvention!   She is a licensed brain trainer, neuroencoding specialist, NLP, life coach and has over 1,000 hours of client coaching under her belt. Yvonne has reinvented her life from studying Civil Engineering, to professional extreme athlete (rock climbing, mountaineering), to living in Antarctica, to touring the states as a professional musician, to starting up more than 4 various companies - mostly tech companies, to corporate america specializing in Data Strategies.   She is the QUEEN of reinventing her life!  We are grateful to have her share her process of going from frustrated and needing change -- to -- standing in your own light !

With her 4-step, proven process, you can reinvent yourself, reinvent your life and step into a life of fulfillment and joy.


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