BrainFit for Work & Life - Empowering Ideas for Positive Mental Health (self-paced, online course)

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Don't miss out on this 8-Week program to uncover the many ways to improve your mental health by being good to your brain. Simple. Easy. Effective.


  • 6 hours of video lessons
  • self paced course
  • Online Lessons
  • Cost : $50.00
  • Instructor: Yvonne Ramage


You can take this course to improve your own career and life. Change your brain, changes your life! Success, Business, Career, Relationships. Your brain affects every aspect of your life. By optimizing brain health, BrainFit for Work & Life, provides detailed roadmap for building and sustaining a mentally energized, successful life.

Based on neuroscience, this scientifically engineered course can help you become mentally stronger, sharper, faster— and become more productive by enhancing their brain and your business.

What You'll Learn

-- Brain Basics
-- Four Circles of Brain Health
-- How to Kill the ANTs
-- Nutrition for the Brain
-- Tools and Strategies You Can Use Everyday

Class Materials

-- 8 Video Lessons
-- Before & After Assessment
-- Worksheets & Discussion Questions
-- BrainFit for Work & Life Quick Start Guide


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